Safeguard your business from malicious attacks,  lost
or stolen devices with an
Atlantic Global Connect Station

If your business deals with critical data and confidential information then you need to consider utilizing a virtualized environment.

Atlantic Global Connect Station  consolidates your desktop, laptop, moible, and software applications,  into a single, secure Cloud-based solution.

Atlantic Global Connect station provides your employees with a unified and secure user experience regardless of where they work.

Mitigate future risk with an Atlantic Global Connect Station. offers a best in class Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) that mitigates the risk of physical storage loss (e.g. laptop or mobile device lost/stolen).  You will never have to worry about lost data again or an operating system reaching the end of life status.

Simplicity can handle all backups, software upgrades, virus, protection.  You will never have to worry about end of life software.  You will never have to worry about software updates ever again. 


With an Atlantic Global Connect Station, employees can securely access company applications and data. provides end-to-end security regardless of device and access point location.


The Atlantic Global Connect Station gives you ability extend the life of older equipment, deploy additional resources quickly with minimal impact to margins. We help you scale whiloe reducing costs.